• 2017 Holiday Garbage Schedule

    May 29th (Monday) Memorial Day - 1 day behind
    July 4th (Tuesday) - 1 day behind
    September 4th (Monday) Labor Day - 1 day behind
    November 23rd & 24th (Thursday/Friday) Thanksgiving - 1 day behind
    December 25th (Monday) - 1 day behind
    January 1st ( Monday) - 1 day behind
  • Jefferson County School Tax Renewal

    The COUNTY WIDE SCHOOL TAX RENEWAL ELECTION will be on March 07, 2017. The election will be conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Trussville was named the 56th Most Livable City in the USA by CNN Money. The banner of the article read – Some towns have it all. Great schools, a thriving job market, safe streets, plenty to do. The best offer one thing more: A reason to go home again. A tour of Trussville and all of its neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and shopping centers, gives an immediate understanding of the high quality of life Trussville creates for is citizens. Trussville is known for its community feeling of knowing your neighbors and people sharing the same goal for their hometown


Trussville: The 56th Most Livable City in the USA by CNN Money

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