Public Safety Committee

Meets third Thursday of second month of each quarter.  Each member serves a three year term.

(The Mayor chairs meeting-does not vote except to break a tie)

Members are appointed by the Mayor -The Ordinance is silent on appointing authority of citizen members, thus, Mayor appoints.

John BirminghamJanuary 11,2019
John G. Griscom, Jr.January 11, 2019
James S. (Jim) IsomJanuary 11,2018
Dr. Sarah NafzigerJanuary 11,2018
Irving A. NashJanuary 11,2019
Eddie SealJanuary 11, 2020
Chief of Police Jeff BridgesTerm of Office
Fire Chief Tim ShottsTerm of Office
Council Liaison: Brian Plant (Acts in absence of Mayor)Term of Office
Mayor: Buddy ChoatTerm of Office