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Community Initiatives

Public Education

Trussville Fire & Rescue’s Public Education Program is a part of the Fire Marshal’s Office. This program is designed to help educate the Trussville Community and the surrounding areas. Even though we focus much of our instruction towards the dangers of fire, we also include natural disasters. In a joint venture with the Alabama Department of Health Injury Prevention Division and the Alabama Fire Association’s Risk Watch Natural Disasters Preparedness curriculum into Trussville Schools. This disaster preparation program helps children in preschool through eighth-grade prepare for disasters by educating them to take actions toward general preparedness and learn responses to disasters by teaching them the skills and knowledge they need to make positive choices for their personal safety and well being.

The Risk Watch curriculum covers general preparedness for disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and severe winter storms. This program is an extension of the Risk Watch Unintentional Injury Prevention Program which was implemented in all  Trussville schools in the year 2000. Risk Watch Unintentional Injury Program covers lessons from fire and burn prevention to water safety, bike and pedestrian safety, falls prevention, firearm safety, poison prevention, choking, strangulation and suffocation prevention, and motor vehicle safety.

We took this a step further for our High School students and implemented a program called Fatal Vision. Fatal Vision uses goggles to represent different impairment levels for the students to test their motor skills in different visual impairment situations.

Together with our Police Department, we coordinate the program to include hand to eye coordination exercises which include driving a golf cart thru a marked course and simple tasks such as throwing a soccer ball to each other and catching, then the police will give them a sobriety test and if they fail… handcuffs.


Boy Scouts of America

Troop 915
The Trussville Fire Department is a proud sponsor of Boy Scouts of America – Troop 915.