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Alasafe is a free and secure government website designed to allow family members and caregivers of individuals with various forms of dementia the ability to provide information about their loved ones to authorized Alabama law enforcement officials in the event their loved one wanders or becomes lost. is a project of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, the Alabama state agency which connects local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and to law enforcement in all 50 states via Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network.

To register someone or if you would like more information please visit

Peddlers Ordinance, Loitering Ordinance, Animal Ordinance, Nuisance Ordinance, Alcohol Ordinance, Curfew Ordinance, Massage Therapy Ordinance

Click on the links below to view these ordinances

Solictors & Peddlers Ordinance-2019-026-ADM

Trussville-Solictors & Peddlers-Ordinance-Application-1

Ordinance2018-023-PS- NO LOIERTING

Ordinance2018-033-ADM- Animal Ordinance

Nuisance Ordinance 2018

Alcohol Ordinance 2019

Alcohol-Application (1)


Ordinance-2019-036ADM Massage Therapy

Massage Establishment Application Form

If you have any questions please contact Sgt. Chuck Bradford at 205-661-4064.


Basic Handgun Safety Course

The Trussville Police Department is offering basic handgun safety and use instructions to citizens of Trussville, free of charge.

For more information and to sign up for the course contact Sgt Jones at 205-661-4020 or email at