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Garbage Pickup

Residential Garbage, Brush, Recycling and Trash Collection

Garbage/Recycling service is provided free of charge to residents of Trussville.  Application for service should be made by calling (205) 655-0319.  A 96-gallon waste receptacle and a 60-gallon recycle receptacle are provided by the waste contractor, AmWaste Services.  The garbage container should be left at an existing home.  A new cart will be ordered and delivered when a new home is occupied.  Persons moving to a different home within the city should notify the city of this change in address.

Any problems with drainage, street improvements, and traffic signs or other problems with rights-of-way should be addressed to the Street Department at 655-0319.

Vacuum truck for removal of leaves is activated in the fall for a specified time.  Only leaves raked or blown can be picked up by a vacuum truck. Call 655-0319 for the vacuum truck schedule. The truck does not have a specific schedule as seasons vary but generally is activated in the late fall through mid-spring.  Grass clippings and leaves mulched by a lawn mower cannot be picked up by the vacuum truck. These items must be bagged and placed behind the curb or pavement edge for pickup. Do not place yard debris in the street, in the gutter or in drainage ditches.

Yard debris generated by the homeowner will be picked up by Santek Waste Services on your garbage day.  Professional lawn services and commercial tree cutters are responsible for removal of all limbs, logs, clippings, etc. generated as part of the job or contract.

Holidays for AmWaste Services:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Holidays: When the above Holiday falls on a weekday, your regular garbage service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the week.

Garbage: All kitchen garbage should be bagged and placed in your existing cart with the lid down. Your garbage cart should not be closer than one foot to any solid object and be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m. and pulled in at night to avoid damage or disappearance. The homeowner will be responsible for replacing the garbage cart if it is stolen.

Recycling: Recycling will be picked up weekly on your garbage day and may be placed in your existing carts. Please bag all material to prevent wind-blown litter and unsanitary conditions.

Yard Waste & Discards: Yard debris generated by the homeowner in maintaining private property will be picked up by AmWaste Services on your garbage day every other week. Limbs should not exceed eight feet (8′) in length or fifty (50) pounds in weight.  No more than 250 cubic feet of debris will be picked up at a residence at one time.  This is a brush pile roughly ten (10) feet long, five (5) feet wide and five (5) feet high.  Brush should be placed at the edge of the yard – not in the street or in the gutter or ditches where drainage is obstructed.  Grass clippings must be bagged at all times and leaves must be bagged, except in the late fall and winter season when the vacuum truck is in operation. AmWaste Services will not remove debris generated by a commercial lawn service or tree service.

Garbage carts and recycling bins provided by AmWaste Services are the property of AmWaste Services and should remain at the property if you should move.

Missed pickups should be reported to (205) 655-0319 the following day.