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Voter Registration

voter registration button imageQualified voters are those individuals 18 years of age or older, who have never been convicted of a felony and have lived in the state for 30 days. You may register at the county courthouse, city hall, and most public libraries, or on line through the Secretary of State’s web site. You will receive notification by mail of the location of your designated voting place for all Federal, State and County elections.  Voting locations may be different for Municipal elections, than your normal polling place.

Municipal elections must be held within the city limits of Trussville.  Currently five polling places are used for municipal elections, those being Trussville City Hall (Municipal Building), Trussville Civic Center, First Baptist Church, Faith Community Fellowship and Northpark Baptist Church.  All persons normally voting at other polling locations will be notified of the polling location they will use for municipal elections only.

Voter identification is required for all elections.  Please have your identification in hand when you approach the polling official.  No cell phone use is allowed within the polling place.

Your voter registration entitles you to vote in all elections held within the jurisdiction in which you reside.  A voter update should be filled out when your name or address changes.  Failure to vote for long periods of time may result in your name being removed from the active voter list.  Failure to respond to voter update mailouts may result in your name being purged from the voter rolls.

For other voter information visit Secretary of State’s Website.