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The purpose of the Patrol Division is to provide continuous, effective and efficient 24 hour law enforcement service to the community.

At the Trussville Police Department, it is our belief that the importance of patrol to a community cannot be overstated. Whether it be gauged with the number of assigned patrol personnel, the portion of the City’s budget allocated to patrol operations, or that the uniformed officer is generally the most visible component of the department, patrol is the foundation of police work. The manner in which patrol officers carry out their responsibilities affects not only the quality of justice but also citizen perceptions of law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible part of the department. The Patrol Division, commanded by Lieutenant Todd Posey, is responsible for first response to calls for service, preliminary investigations, reporting of incidents and offenses, proactive patrol, traffic enforcement, and accident investigation. The Patrol Division Officers respond to all calls for service ranging from emergencies to citizen assists.

The Patrol Division is comprised of four Sergeants, four Corporals, and twenty-four Police Officers. These uniformed officers work four twelve-hour shifts, providing general law enforcement services for the City of Trussville.

The Patrol Division has among its ranks personnel specially trained in various areas including Evidence Technicians, Traffic Homicide Investigators, Field Training Officers, Special Response Team Personnel, Motor Scouts, and K9 handler teams.

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The Investigative Division of the Trussville Police Department is comprised of Five Investigators. The Investigative Division is located at 131 Main Street, in the Administrative Office of the Police Department. Each of our Investigators works various types of investigations, including property crimes, crimes of violence, identity thefts, fraud, narcotics as well as adult and juvenile investigations. The Investigation Division is Commanded by Lt. Clint Riner, is responsible for conducting the in-depth investigation of crimes which occur within the Trussville City limits, both Misdemeanor and Felony crimes. Investigators normally work Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. There is an Investigator “on call” after normal business hours and on weekends, should one be needed.  The investigations division is supervised by Sgt. Keith Rosetta.  Sgt. Rosetta reports directly to Lt. Clint Riner

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Narcotics Tips

If you would like to submit a tip about possible narcotics activity, including a photo or video, via email, please send it to Include as many details as you can, such as the physical address and names of any known persons. Include your contact information if you would like us to follow up with you directly. You can remain anonymous if you prefer. Your information is valuable and we appreciate your help. Thank you.

Traffic Unit

The Trussville Police Department Traffic Unit was formed in 2008. The motorcycles currently being utilized are Harley Davidson Electra Glides specially equipped for law enforcement. The motorcycles offer greater maneuverability and are less expensive to operate than other patrol vehicles. The primary duty of the Traffic Unit is traffic enforcement, especially in the residential areas. The Traffic Unit is supervised by Sgt. Joseph Dunn.  Sgt. Dunn reports to Lt. Lovell

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The function of the Special Response Team shall be to provide highly motivated personnel with special equipment and training that can respond to critical incidents, and contain the situation, and /or bring it to an acceptable resolution. These situations can include snipers, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, high-risk arrests/search warrants, any situation involving terrorists, dignitary protection and any other situation as deemed necessary by the Chief of Police. The SRT is commanded by Lt. Richard Lovell.

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Trussville Police Department is fortunate and proud to have four new dual purpose K-9s. Our K9 officers and their partners are Sgt. Holloway and his partner “Leo”, Cpl. Shelnutt and his partner “Ares”, Officer Jordan and his partner “Mike”, and Officer Pierce and his partner “Liberty”.  Our dual purpose K-9s  are used for narcotics detection, firearms/explosive detections, building searches for hidden suspects, area searches for hidden suspects in woods, or open areas, to locate lost or missing persons,  and general preventive patrol. The K-9 unit is “on call” should they be needed during off duty hours. When off duty, the K-9 lives at home with his handler as a part of the family. The K9 Unit is supervised by Sgt. Nate Holloway. Sgt. Holloway reports to Lt. Lovell.

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Business Services & Personnel

Lt. Chuck Bradford is in the charge of the Business Services.  Lt. Bradford is also in charge of the Code Enforcement Division and the Police Department Property Room.

Any candidate looking to start a career with The Trussville Police Department please contact Lt. Chuck Bradford email who is over personnel.  Contact Lt. Bradford for the application process or questions regarding the Jefferson County Personnel Board or apply online. You can also fill out a Trussville Employment Application Trussville Employment Application, then email it to

The Code Enforcement Officer is in charge of assisting city departments such as Building Inspections, Business Licensing and Planning & Zoning with enforcement of our current Ordinances. The purpose is to educate and encourage those who are not compliant with our ordinances to become compliant and help them understand that the purpose is to maximize our property values as they help maintain the quality of living in our community.

Lt. Bradford is an A.L.I.C.E. Instructor (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate).  He is also an Active Shooter Violent Intruder Response Instructor.

For more information concerning city ordinances relating to public safety please visit the Community Tab in the menu section.

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Sgt. Chad Jones is the Range Master for the Trussville Police Department and is responsible for overseeing the department’s firearms qualification to maintain compliance with all state and federal laws in addition to advance in-service training.

Firearms Range:
The Trussville Police Department Firearms Range facility was recently established providing Alabama Police Officer Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) annual qualification as mandated by state law to our department along with assisting outside agencies in their qualification process. Additionally, we conduct tactical firearms training based on real scenarios and events which we or other departments are likely to deal with, which includes low light/night fire training, vehicle stops, building searches, etc. It is our belief all officers should be properly trained in all aspects of firearms training and weapons decision-making process. We train with a full spectrum of weapons to include but not limited to; pistols, shotguns, patrol rifles, and submachine guns. We are currently offering the benefit of our Firearms Training Division to outside agencies to help raise the level of proficiency for other interested agencies.

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School Resources

Currently, there is at least one Trussville officer in every Trussville City School.  The School Resource Officer program, in short, is law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents and the community offering law-related educational programs in the schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence and to provide a safe school environment.  The SRO program is supervised by Sgt. Adam Filetti.  Sgt. Filetti reports to Lt. Chuck Bradford.

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The Trussville Police Departments Training Division is dedicated to providing up-to-date reality training to all members of our department. We make every effort to gear our training towards situational based training and scenarios. We continually attempt to stay at the forefront of state of the art techniques and tried and proven training which can provide our officers with the tools necessary to accomplish his/her job with a high degree of success and professionalism while serving and protecting the public.  Additionally, we are currently providing portions of our training to outside agencies in an attempt to create a more harmonious relationship between departments while providing the benefit of our knowledge to help other agencies stay up to date.  Sgt. Rob Hicks is in charge of the Training Division and reports to Lt. Richard Lovell.

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Youth Services deals with all juvenile and Trussville City School related cases. Youth Services cases are investigated by the Investigations division.  These cases vary from crimes committed by a juvenile suspect, to crimes committed against a juvenile. Misdemeanor and Felony crimes committed by juveniles are screened and prosecuted in Jefferson County Family Court. Youth Services is also responsible for community notification of registered sex offenders residing within the City limits of Trussville.


The Trussville Police Department Communications Division is located in a secure area within the Trussville Municipal Jail. The Communications Center is staffed twenty-four (24) hours a day and is directly responsible for receiving calls for service from citizens and other law enforcement agencies. Lt. Chuck Bradford is in charge of the Communications Division.

Calls for service are received in the communications center in various ways. Citizens may contact the communication center directly by calling (205) 655-2101, or by calling 911. Calls made to 911, which relate to calls for service within the Trussville City limits, are forwarded to our communications center by the 911 operator, located in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office downtown.

Once a call for service is received, the communications center obtains all available information from the caller and determines what assistance is required. This assistance might be in the form of a police officer, Fire truck, Advanced Life Saving rescue unit, HAZMAT truck, an ambulance, or any combination of the above services. The communications center has contact with all of these services and coordinates the response of the required assistance. The communications center also monitors all police responses for calls for service.

All outstanding Trussville Municipal Court Misdemeanor warrants for arrest are maintained within the communications center.

In the event of a mass emergency, the communications center has on standby a mobile communications vehicle, allowing for a mobile response to assist any governmental agency with a complete mobile communication center.

The Communications Division is supervised by PSD III Michael Hollingsworth and PSD III Connie Watkins who report directly to Lt. Chuck Bradford.

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