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This incorporated Authority promotes industrial expansion for economic growth and employment.  They are authorized to sell or lease property to industrial tenants to promote this objective.  This is a seven-member incorporated Authority serving six-year terms. Meets the last Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM.

This Authority is currently developing and marketing Trussville Industrial Park, consisting of property zoned for light industrial development. Property can be divided to suit the needs of the prospective tenant with a minimum lot size of two acres.

Interested parties may contact Mr. David Fuller 505-270-9793.


Industrial Park Map

Board Members

(Members appointed by Council)

David Fuller - ChairmanJul. 14th, 2027
Jerry LittleJul. 14th, 2027
Chase WrightJul. 14th, 2026
Tres DotsonJul. 14th, 2025
David LivingstonJul. 14th, 2025
Dwight TurnipseedJul. 14th, 2023
Chase McMaster Jul. 14th, 2023
Council Liaison: Lisa Bright