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Tree Commission

Tree Commission

The Trussville Tree Commission was established by City Ordinance in 2022 to advise the Mayor and City Council  on care, planting, and replanting of the City’s tree inventory.  The scope of the Tree Commission is limited to trees on City property and City right of way.

To be a member one must have some level of formal training in tree care and planting along with practical or work experience in tree planting and care.

Minimum formal education is completion of a certified Master Gardener Program or equivalent and practical or work experience of five years.

Tree Replacement Form


Board MembersExpiration
Ralph Mitchell, ChairmanFeb. 28, 2025
David Dobbs, Vice ChairFeb. 28,2024
Eric FredrickFeb. 28, 2027
Jenna Polk Jones, SecretaryFeb. 28, 2024
VacantFeb. 28, 2023